Facilities and Habitats

The preserve is fortunate to have a variety of both historic and contemporary buildings on the property. The manor house contains the staff offices and is the home of the Visitors Center. One classroom is available for rental. A second classroom is under construction. Also located on the property is an 1830’s log cabin and bank barn which are original to the farm property

The preserve consists of 695 acres of forests, successional fields, ponds, and streams. The Goose Creek, a State scenic river, flows for over two miles along the southern border of the property. Year-round programs and nature walks are offered to the public by various members of wildlife organizations, school teachers, conservancies, and facility staff.

Residents of the area include: beaver, deer, foxes, bats, numerous species of birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and plants.

As part of the Piedmont ecosystem, Banshee Reeks protects many different types of habitats, including:

  • River bottomlands (riparian zones)
  • Successional fields and forests
  • Ponds
  • Mixed hardwood forests of oak/hickory
  • Hedgerows and tree lines
  • Meadows
  • Wetlands