Visitors Center

You’ll want to be sure to make the Visitors Center a part of your next trip to Banshee Reeks.  In 2015, the display room was refurbished with museum-quality specimens of local flora and fauna.  A Honeybee display and visible hive provide an exciting inside view of the colony at work.  Visitors can watch the bees enter a special tube from outside and observe seasonal activity in the pollinator garden.  The pollinator garden has been tended by volunteers over the years.  We always welcome your help with the garden most anytime of the year.  Families and children can enjoy the books, games, and puzzles located in the reception area of the Visitors Center.

Our museum-quality collection of taxidermy, animal bones, skulls, and eggs can be excellent subjects for artists and students to practice their drawing skills.  If you are interested in visiting for this purpose, please contact us at

Please visit the Volunteer Opportunities page if you are interested in volunteering to staff the Visitors Center.